Ano: 2019

Título: The Colombian peace negotiations and the invisibility of the ‘no’ vote in the 2016 referendum

Autora: Isa Mendes, Maíra Siman & Marta Fernández

Tipo: Artigo

Periódico/Editora: Peacebuilding

Resumo: This article discusses a few epistemological conditions that may have prevented ‘peacemaking monitoring specialists’ to conceive the possibility of a negative result at the October 2016 Colombian peace referendum. It does not aim to explain why the majority of voters chose to reject the peace deal, nor does it claim it was foreseeable and specialists should thus have seen it coming. Instead, the article elaborates on some of the conditions that have contributed for the invisibility of the ‘no’ vote for ‘peacemaking monitoring specialists’ dedicated to the coverage of the Colombian peace process. These conditions can be summarised as follows: (a) the seduction of an ‘ideal type’ narrative of the Colombian peace negotiations; (b) the modern fixation with a liberal and progressive peace identified in the ‘Havana talks’ and (c) the neglect of power relations and the existence of multiple temporalities within Colombian society.

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